Bachelor of Health Science (Fitness)

Bachelor of Health Science Fitness is such a course where the students will be able to gain the foundational knowledge on the bioscience and health subjects which also accompanies fitness major. In this course, the students will be able to gain knowledge about the different health covers promotions and awareness along with gaining the knowledge of the sciences that are relevant to the human body.

The exposure of students is made to varied programs of fitness training, conditioning and strengthening, exercises and business for different population categories. The course also undertakes laboratory practical learning, gym training and in field which helps in providing students with the exposure to latest technologies and equipment. This course does not only deals with the fitness and health science, but also lets the students learn the different fitness and training business skills. Through this degree, students will be able to promote the different activities of fitness required in various situations and might have opportunity to take part in a cooperative work experience. 

If you select the course of bachelor of Health Science in Fitness, you would gain with the specialization in the field of fitness and health management. The enrolled students will learn about the fitness science and along with it they will acquire business practice knowledge. The programs taught in the course emhasize the fitness programming, principles of management, youth fitness and nutritions required in different sports and can also prepare the graduates in development and conduction of exercise programs at the various fitness centers and health clubs. This course of Bachelor of Health Science (Fitness) is a curriculum that is a mix of various physical education courses which includes sports psychology and weight training along with the courses of business management and human resources and accounting courses. The topics covered in this course includes the following:

  • Community Health
  • Aerobic conditioning
  • Anatomy and physiology
  • Exercise science
  • Physical activity psychology

After completing the bachelor of health science fitness course succesfully, the graduates will have great knowldge about the exercise physiology and practical business skills which can create awareness and fitness programs can be run by them in the instructional and commercial settings. The different career oppotunities available to the students after this course are:

  • Corporate fitness supervisor
  • Personal trainer
  • Group exercise instructor
  • Health club administrator
  • Fitness director

If you are the one who is enthusiast enough about the fitness training and health management, then this course would be the ultimate choice of career for you leading to growth aspects. Online bachelor of health science fitness course would majorly emphasize on the learning of the students and their training towards health management and fitness training. You will be able to learn the various situations and different fitness training programs for the various age groups and chronic disease management. 

Specializations will be gained by you in the sports medicine, sports mangement, strength and fitness. After successfully completing this course, you will be able to get many career and job opportunities into the fitness and training sector. The different gym and fitness centers will be available to you for the purpose of taking up your career into fitness training for people of various age groups. 
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