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  • University of Limerick


    Limerick Ireland

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Why Pursue an MBA from Ireland?

MBA means choosing to invest in you. As Edmund Burke once said “Education is the cheap defence of nations”, pursuing an MBA in Ireland offers Multiple Benefits which is an irresistible choice for any ambitious individual as Irish excel in education.

Ireland is ranked among the best places in the world to do business by the World Bank. MBA graduates from Ireland can apply for a Green card or may join Ireland’s work permit scheme.

Key features of an MBA in Ireland—that you just CANNOT miss:

  1. Irish MBA programs often have strong connections with multinational companies such as Google, Facebook, Apple, etc.
  2. International students are offered a year's post-study work visa which helps them gain valuable work experience after completing their MBA from Ireland.
  3. It offers top-tier education at a more affordable cost. The tuition fees and living expenses are relatively lower than in the UK and the US.
  4. For international students including Indians, many universities offer scholarships.
  5. The duration of courses is shorter.

Types Of MBA Abroad Programs Offered in Ireland

Selecting a suitable university for your MBA is important for gaining a high-quality education, and accessing extensive networking opportunities. Here are some Top leading MBA courses:

Full-Time MBA: Course duration One-Two Years. Institutions like Trinity College Dublin and University College Dublin offer full-time MBA courses.
Part-time MBA: Executive MBA programs in Ireland cater to mid-to-senior-level executives, The UCD Michael Smurfit Graduate Business School is renowned for its Executive MBA.
Specialised MBA: Expertise in finance, marketing, entrepreneurship, and technology. Institutions like University College Cork and Dublin Business School offer specialised MBA courses. And many more.

Admission Requirements for MBA in Ireland

A Guide for Admission requirements for International and Indian Students in MBA programs in Ireland:

  1. Students must hold a bachelor's degree recognised by Irish universities with a minimum of 60% in graduation.
  2. Work experience is not always mandatory, but numerous MBA programs prefer applicants with several professional experiences.
  3. Many MBA programs in Ireland require applicants to submit standardised test scores, such as the Graduate Management Admission Test or the Graduate Record Examination which are used as a Benchmark for admission.
  4. English proficiency test scores.

Best Universities in Ireland for MBA Degree

Ireland hosts premier universities with MBA programs ideal for Indian and international students. Some of the Top Universities include:

  1. Trinity College Dublin
  2. University College Dublin
  3. Dublin City University
  4. University College Cork
  5. University of Galway
  6. University of Limerick
  7. Technological University Dublin

Scholarship Opportunities for MBA in Ireland for Indian Students 

Indian and international students pursuing an MBA in Ireland can take advantage of various scholarship opportunities such as:

  1. All University provides- Centenary Scholarship Program (100% of One Year Tuition Fee), Open Study/Research Award (Max. Euro 15,000), Hugh Lane Fulbright Gallery Curatorial Award (Maximum Euro 20,000), Government of Ireland - International Education Scholarships (GOI-IES) (Euro 10,000), International Student Scholarship (Euro 3,000-3500).
  2. Trinity College Dublin provides Brazil Fundacao Estudar Scholarship Program (5-95% of fees), Trinity Sports Scholarships (Euro 750-1500), IIE’s Generation Study Abroad scholarship (Euro 2000), and International Scholarship (Euro 3,000-3500).
  3. University College Dublin provides International Scholarship / Global Scholarship (Euro 1000-4000).

Costs of Studying an MBA in Ireland

MBA tuition fees in Ireland vary depending on the university and program. It generally falls between €15,000 and €35,000 annually.

Top Career Options After Completing MBA from Ireland

Completing an MBA from Ireland unlocks a treasure trove of thrilling career prospects encompassing various industries. Some of the top career options after an MBA in Ireland:

  1. Business Development Manager (Salary exceeding €100,000).
  2. Project Manager (Entry level salary- €50,000 to €85,000 per year).
  3. Human Resources Manager (Entry level salary- €50,000 to €80,000 per year).
  4. Operations Manager (Entry level salary- €50,000 to €90,000 per year).
  5. Financial Analyst (Entry level salary- €60,000 to €80,000 per year).
  6. Business Consultant (Entry level salary- €50,000 to €70,000 per year).
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