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Why Pursue an MBA from Cyprus? 

Cyprus is one of the fastest-growing nations in Europe and an emerging destination for studies. It is becoming a top destination for international students who want to pursue their higher education. MBA being a popular degree in this ever-changing world, Cyprus offers benefits from a multicultural environment. MBA courses in Cyprus promote business and innovation by allowing the students to think critically and creatively. Students globally have chosen Cyprus to pursue MBA because of the superb education and top-notch faculty it offers. MBA colleges not only support students to build up business foundations but also encourage them professionally.   

Top Leading MBA Courses Offered in Cyprus 

Cyprus has provided the students with one of the best MBA in Cyprus and an exceptional degree which is internationally recognized is always in demand. Some of the leading programs the nation offers are as given below:

European University Cyprus, Nicosia: The goal of this curriculum is to teach individuals management, marketing, strategy, finance, innovation, leadership, and other relevant skills.

University of Nicosia: The program is renowned for being current with regards to contemporary business procedures.

Cyprus International Institute of Management: In Cyprus, this program is among the best due to its high caliber and reasonable cost. In addition to providing a wide network of industry contacts, the curriculum offers a multitude of opportunities for business enthusiasts.

Neapolis University Pafos: Students in this MBA program are primarily focused on marketing, communication, hotel management, and tourism economics.

Admission Requirements for MBA in Cyprus

Institutes and Universities across Cyprus for MBA are resolute to meet the worldwide standards for top-class education. Some of the major requirements to get enrolled in such university/institute are given below:

  1. Copies of all report cards from school and university/college applicant has studied in English Language;
  2. Updated CV including all work experience and skills;
  3. Recommendation letters; two from academics and one professional;
  4. Statement of purpose stating why you want to get enrolled with a particular programme.
  5. Exam scores from the testing agency you need to get admission in a business school.

Best Universities in Cyprus for MBA Degree 

The degrees from Cyprus Universities are internationally recognized ones and give a warm and welcoming environment to the students. Universities of Cyprus provide best executive MBA to students and some of such universities are as follows:

  1. University of Cyprus
  2. University of Nicosia
  3. Cyprus Institute
  4. Eastern Mediterranean
  5. Girne American
  6. Frederick Institute
  7. East University

These universities not only provide the full-time MBA option but do give the best online MBA programs in Cyprus.

Scholarship Opportunities for MBA in Cyprus for Indian Students

Cost of an MBA in Cyprus can be a bit expensive but on the other hand, Cyprus provides its students with a number of scholarships and get them covered for which the students can apply to get enrolled in top universities. Some of such scholarships are as given below:

  1. Jonkoping University Fee Waiver
  2.  ESC Clermont Fee Waiver
  3. Education future International Scholarship
  4. UAL International PG Scholarship
  5. Forte Fellow Program
  6. CYTA- CIIM Scholarship

And many more. By applying for the aforementioned Scholarships and waivers one can get themselves eligible to one of the best MBA Cyprus has to offer.

Costs of Studying an MBA in Cyprus

If you belong to Europe or the European Economic Area, an MBA from Cyprus can be done for free from a public university. Though, it is not free for other students from other nationalities. MBA fees in Cyprus for international students can range from 4,000 to 8,000 EUR annually at the master’s level. Comparatively, tuition rates are significantly lower than what a student has to pay in the UK, US, Canada or Australia. MBA-providing universities in Cyprus provide the facilities of Hostels which makes the living a bit affordable and better than renting an apartment alone.

Top Career Options After Completing MBA from Cyprus

After an MBA, one will be able to work with subjects at the University one has completed MBA. Students consider MBA as a great opportunity to excel in their careers. The reason behind the same is that Cyprus has the best universities which provide opportunities to work for excellent multinational companies. Perhaps, this could be a great reason that the nation attracts so many students globally who want to pursue MBA. The employment rate in Cyprus is as high as 95 % for an MBA graduate, making Cyprus stand out.

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